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About us
Board of Advisors

The ALS Team

Director, ALS Neurologist
Catherine Lomen-Hoerth, MD, PhD
Voice: 415-514-0490
Fax: 415-514-0491
Email: Catherine.Lomen-Hoerth@ucsf.edu

Clinical Coordinator
Virginia Santos
Voice: 415-353-2122
Fax: 415-353-2524
Email: Virginia.Santos@ucsfmedctr.org
David Besio
Voice: 415-353-2788
Email: David.Besio@ucsfmedctr.org
Respiratory Therapist
Colleen Meier, RRT, RCP
Voice: 415-353-2122
Email: Colleen.Meier@ucsfmedctr.org

ALS Speech & Swallow
Jennifer Coggiola
Voice: 415-353-8279
Email: Jennifer.Coggiola@ucsfmedctr.org

Respiratory Therapist
Mira Kleyman, RRT, RCP
Voice: 415-353-1350
Email: Mira.Kleyman@ucsfmedctr.org
Physical Therapist
Andrew Lui, MPT
Voice: 415-476-1715 x1
Email: Andrew.Lui@ucsfmedctr.org
Mary Owen, NP
Voice: 415-353-9426
Email: Mary.Owen@ucsf.edu
Occupational Therapist
Miriam Crennan, OT
Voice: 415-353-1740
Email: Miriam.Crennan@ucsfmedctr.org
Social Worker
Madelon Thomson, LCSW
Voice: 415-904-2572 x 307
Fax: 415-904-2573
Email: MThomson@alsabayarea.org
Jennifer Murphy, PhD
Email: Jennifer.Murphy@ucsf.edu

Healthcare Service Coordinator,
Muscular Dystrophy Association

Brandon Sims
voice: 415-673-7500
Email: bsims@mdusa.org



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