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Drug Trials

This is a very exciting time for ALS clinical trials, with more active drug studies than ever before. We are involved in a number of national multicenter clinical trials for ALS. Please contact our office for more information.

  • Environmental Risk Survey: One-time interview (1-1/2 hour) over the phone and one time blood draw. Interview collecting environmental exposures and lifestyles and genetic factors to analyze trends across the ALS community. All patients are welcome to participate as well as same sex non-blood family members (i.e., spouses’ brothers, sisters, cousins). OPEN RIGHT NOW
  • Memory & Cognitive Testing: Several skill testing (45 minutes) and attitude measurements of patients with ALS. Includes a spouse/caregiver questionnaire. OPEN RIGHT NOW
  • Effects of labeled water (D20) on the activity of T-cells in the central nervous system. Participants will be asked to (1) drink a special kind of labeled water 2-3 times a day for either 12 days or 6 weeks, (2) be tested for HIV, and (3) undergo either 3 spinal taps and 4 blood draws in 12 days or 4 spinal taps and 5 blood draws in 6 weeks. Call Drina Boban (415) 215-0202 for more information. Download a pdf.
  • Avanir Clinical Trial: Double Blind, Randomized Placebo-Controlled Study to Access Safety and Efficacy of AVP-923 (drugs: Dextromethorphan & Quinidine) in the treatment of Pseudobulbar Affect (PBA) in ALS Patients. Study is being done to see if this drug combination helps controls the symptoms of PBA – pathological crying or laughing. OPEN IN DECEMBER 2007
  • Arimoclomol Clinical Trial: Double Blind Placebo Controlled Study to Access Safety and Efficacy of Arimoclomal in ALS patients. Study is being done to see of this drug helps protect nerve damage. OPEN IN MARCH / APRIL 2008
  • Ceftriaxone Clinical Trial: IV use of the drug Ceftriaxone in patient with ALS. This drug is being studied to measure safety and efficacy in delaying certain onset symptoms of ALS – decrease “cell death” or glutamate levels. OPEN IN MAY 2008

There are many upcoming trials planned to start in the near future, not posted on this site, so please call our office for the latest information.

Claudia Villierme, M.Ed.







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