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Over the past six years Dr. S. Andrew Josephson has established the UCSF Neurohospitalist Program, which is one of the first of its kind nationally and recognized as a leader in this emerging specialty. Dr. Josephson is trained in neurohospitalist neurology as well as dementia and stroke. He authored the first paper on neurohospitalists (see the PDF or online document), edited the first textbook on the topic (Neurohospitalist Medicine, Cambridge University Press) and is a nationally recognized leader in the field. A frequent presenter on the subject at conferences and symposiums, Dr. Josephson has had several of his papers on the subject selected by distinguished journals. In 2011, US News and World Reports ranked UCSF's Neurology Department fifth — and the best in California.

Dedicated neurohospitalists, expert in neurologic inpatient care, have transformed UCSF into the premier inpatient facility for those suffering from neurologic disorders. Patients who have difficult-to-diagnose neurological problems currently are transferred to UCSF from throughout the state and across the nation. In addition, patients with increasingly common but still under-treated neurologic disorders such as dementia, stroke, and seizures are transferred to UCSF for the unique, high-quality care that our neurohospitalists offer.


What is a hospitalist? Why do we need neurohospitalists?


Neurohospitalist Fellowship at UCSF. One of the first of its kind, the UCSF neurohospitalist fellowship seeks to train future national leaders in the burgeoning field of neurohospitalist neurology. Applications are actively accepted and can be sent to S. Andrew Josephson, M.D., Director, Neurohospitalist Program, Department of Neurology, UCSF, Box 0114, San Francisco, CA, 94143-0114. Typically positions are filled 12-18 months piror to the July 1 start date.

Read more about the fellowship.


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