Department of Neurology
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Endowed Chairs and
Distinguished Professors in Neurology

Dr. Robert & Mrs. Elinor Aird Endowed Chair

Daniel Lowenstein, MD

The John and Helen Cahill Family Endowed Chair in Parkinson's Disease Research

Robert Edwards, MD

C. Castro-Franceschi and G. Mitchell Endowed Neurohospitalist Chair

S. Andrew Josephson, MD

A.W. & Mary Margaret Clausen Distinguished Chair

Bruce L. Miller, MD

John C. Coleman Distinguished Professor of Neurology

Louis J. Ptáček, MD

David A. Coulter Endowed Chair in Aging and Neurodegenerative Disease

Dena Dubal, MD, PhD

Betty Anker Fife Distinguished Chair in Neurology

John Engstrom, MD

Robert A. Fishman Distinguished Professor

Stephen L. Hauser, MD

Endowed Chair In Neurology
in Honor of the Gallo Family

Robert O. Messing, MD

Daryl R. Gress Endowed Professor
of Neurocritical Care and Stroke

Wade S. Smith, MD, PhD

Heidrich Family and Friends Endowed Chair
in Neurology

Sergio Baranzini, PhD

Michael J. Homer Chair in Neurology

Michael Geschwind, MD, PhD

Glenn W. Johnson, Jr. Memorial Endowed Chair
in Neurology

Samuel Pleasure, MD, PhD

Joseph B. Martin Distinguished
Professor of Neuroscience

Lennart Mucke, MD

Debbie and Andy Rachleff
Distinguished Professor of Neurology

Ari Green, MD

Debbie and Andy Rachleff
Distinguished Professor of Neurology II

Roland Henry, PhD

Debbie and Andy Rachleff
Distinguished Professor of Neurology III

Hans-Christian von Büdingen, MD

Debbie and Andy Rachleff
Distinguished Professor of Neurology IV

Jonah R. Chan, Ph.D.

Kenneth Rainin Chair in Pediatric Stroke Care

Heather Fullerton, MD

Kenneth Rainin Chair in Neurocritical Care

Claude Hemphill, MD

Mr. and Mrs. David George Rowe & Stephen W. Rowe Endowed Chair for Teaching in Neurology

Ann Poncelet, MD

Rudi Schmid Distinguished Professorship in Neurology

Raymond L. White, MD

Howard J. Weinberger Chair in Addiction Research

Patricia Janak, PhD

G.A. Zimmermann Endowed Chair in Neurology

Jorge Oksenberg, PhD

Endowed Chair in Pharmacology of Addiction

Howard L. Fields, MD, PhD

Endowed Chair in Cell Biology of Addiction
in Neurology

Dorit Ron, PhD

Endowed Chair in Genetics of Addiction in Neurology

Eric M. Jorgenson, PhD


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